HIP Marketing Practices


Each of Houston Income Properties' clients' unique disposition needs are satisfied by the firm's professional advisors. These professionals are supported by a national owner and investor database which is updated daily by our research staff. This real time information plus one of the most experienced professional sales staff provides the broadest possible exposure to qualified buyers.

The Houston Income Properties Team develops and executes intelligent and efficient marketing initiatives to ensure a successful transaction to a qualified investor. Because of this we close a much higher percentage of our deals than the market average. Our marketing campaign includes:

  • Electronic Marketing: On our web site and other industry web sites updated with photo and salient data of subject property
  • Inclusion in e-mail and direct mail marketing campaigns
  • Personal networking within our extensive Buyer database
  • State of the art full color Brochure

The HIP Team analyzes and identifies a unique marketing strategy for each client, which is detailed in a proposal that is developed in advance for each property.

Determining Value:

The key to your success in selling apartment buildings is a thorough and comprehensive understanding of value. Proper valuation is the basis for all investment decisions, whether it is an investment in the stocks of various companies, precious metals, or real estate. You absolutely must be able to understand how value is derived in order to make prudent investment decisions. Allow us to assist you in the process.

The Houston Income Properties Team has the experience and resources to determine an accurate evaluation of your apartment property. By tracking comparable listings, monitoring and analyzing comparable sales transactions, the HIP Team will ensure that your property is priced to maximize value.


Negotiating the purchase and sale of a rental property is often complex and time consuming. The HIP Team takes pride in their ability and reputation to work closely with sellers and qualified buyers to efficiently reach a fair and equitable transaction. The Team expertly writes and presents offers and ensures that both parties are completely satisfied and confident in completing each rental property sale. If requested, we also provide assistance in acquiring financing to secure property purchases.


The HIP Team works closely with both buyers and sellers to develop agreements that incorporate due diligence and protection for both parties. We work with you to help you understand all contract content, expectations and risks.